Lyta Networth updated 2022

Do you know what Lyta’s Networth is Like? Do you know how much he worth?
According to our research carried out for the purpose if this write up, Lyta’s Networth is estimately $32,000 I.e (N16 millionaire Naira). Lyta was very fortunate to had acquired fame and success at the very early stage of his life among all the youngers musicians in Nigeria.


The Nigerian fast rising artiste, singer and songwriter, Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim popularly and professionally known as Lyta was one of those who succeeded in achieving fame and success in the early stage of their music career.

Lyta is a well talented and gifted singer who has won the hearts of many people in Nigeria and Africa at large by constantly engraving their ears with a sensational amazing musics every moments.

The demands for Lyta’s Net Worth is really high, so we decided to source from legit source for it to share to the public. We will be calculating every amount of money made by Lyta in the music industry.


Lyta, who is well known as Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim was born and brought up in the city of Lagos in the year, 1998.

Of course, Lyta has made alots of contribution and achievement in the music industry as he is among the fast growing singers in the Entertainment industry.
Lyta is currently signed to a well recognized and dignified music record label, Marlian Records, which is owned and managed by the street king and rapper, Naira Marley.

Lyta has been into the music industry far back since 2011, but got his major breakthrough in 2021. He was initially signed into “YBNL” , later then the contract was terminated and then he opted into the Marlians Records.


Alots of artistes and singers do gets paid directly by all the streaming platforms such as (Spotify, Apple Music, Boom, etc) whenever their songs is being streamed. Lyta is not left out as he gets numerous and huge amount from it too.

So for us to determine the Net Worth of Lyta, we must have an idea of how much he has been making from his various streams. Based of the research over the internet, a Nigerian singer earns $0.003 per stream.

Let’s check and critically analyse the total number of streams he got worldwide.

According to our observation on his total streams, we found out that, a total of 1.04 million streams was recorded and monetized and it was estimated to be roughly $32,000.

Let’s proceeds to his YouTube Channel to determine his monetizations there.


Here comes another popular metrics generally used to estimate the networth of singers in the music industry.
We know quite well that singers makes huge money from their uploaded videos or content on YOUTUBE.

So, to finalize Lyta’s networth we must as well calculate and sum up his revenue from this platform.

From Observations, Lyta seems not to have a YouTube channel because all his music videos are uploaded on the record label’s channel. This is so because he’s not an independent artiste. So no income was generated from his YouTube Channel.

As for endorsements deals, he never got any because, he is new into the music industry and he is not well branded yet.

From his numerous sources of wealth we have discussed so far and evaluated, we enclosed this write-up by disclosing his total networth which would be shown below.


Based on the observations being made, we have come to conclusion that Lyta’s Networth is evaluated at $32,000 (N16 million naira). He is indeed a well successful music youngstar who got fame and wealth at his early stage.